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Common questions

Continuing education provides public access to higher education for individuals not formally admitted to a UNH degree program. Taking courses as a non-degree student is an excellent way to prepare for matriculation into a degree program, help advance or change careers, or study a topic of interest. For more helpful information, please visit: 

The UNH Nondegree Enrollment Hub is a web platform that allows you to easily search for and enroll in credit-bearing courses as a non-matriculated continuing education learner at UNH.

Only courses “pre-approved” for nondegree continuing education enrollment are available for search and enrollment on the Nondegree Enrollment Hub.  For a list of all UNH courses, visit UNH Course Search

For questions about the Nondegree Enrollment Hub contact [email protected]

Nondegree continuing education students can browse available courses online at the UNH Nondegree Enrollment Hub.  To enroll in an available course, click "Apply" to be prompted to an initial enrollment form and then redirected to the UNH Nondegree Registration Form to be completed and submitted to the UNH Registrar's Office.

Current nondegree students and matriculated degree students should enroll in UNH courses through the UNH Registrar’s Office and WebCat.

For questions about the Nondegree Enrollment Hub contact [email protected]

The UNH Nondegree Enrollment Hub only lists a portion of the UNH catalog with those courses shown having been pre-approved to accept continuing education students. If you would like to register for a course that is not on UNH Nondegree Enrollment Hub, you can search for available courses through UNH Course Search, complete the Nondegree Registration Form, and submit it to [email protected].

Capacity is limited in all UNH academic courses and enrollment is first come, first serve, with no guarantee of availability or acceptance. Not all UNH courses are available for nondegree enrollment due to program restrictions and/or required permissions.

Check the UNH Master Calendar for important registration dates. Nondegree student registration typically opens 1-2 months before courses begin each semester. 

Tuition for nondegree learners varies depending on the course campus, credit per course, and learner residency.  For current per credit hour continuing education tuition rates see the UNH Business Services website

Continuing education learners may also be subject to mandatory registration, student services, technology, and special course fees.

Nondegree tuition bills will be posted to UNH student accounts through WebCat within 72 hours of registration.  Payment is required within one week of registration to avoid being unregistered. 

Click here for support in accessing WebCat. For any questions related to nondegree student billing, contact UNH Student Accounts.

Nondegree students generally are not eligible to receive federal financial aid or scholarships for enrollment expenses, unless already enrolled in an approved degree or certificate program.  For more information visit the UNH Financial Aid Office.

You will receive a welcome letter at the email address provided during enrollment that will include some helpful information to get started as a student. This email will include your student ID number, help you with setting up your student accounts, and confirm your enrollment for the semester.

If you do not receive this welcome email within 48 hours, contact: [email protected]

After registering for a course in the Nondegree Enrollment Hub, you will receive a welcome letter at the email address provided that will include information about how to access your course materials in UNH myCourses/Canvas.

When possible, recommended materials are listed within the “Course Materials” link on the Nondegree Enrollment Hub course enrollment page.  You can also search for specific course materials through the UNH Barnes & Noble website.

Yes, after you have registered for your class, you are eligible to obtain a UNH identification card.  Email [email protected] and include your name, UNH ID number, and indicate you are a nondegree student. (You will receive your UNH ID number in your email welcome letter after enrollment.)

All course drops must be requested through WebCat and the UNH Registrar’s Office.  For more information on how to drop a course in WebCat, view Dropping and Withdrawal from Courses.

All requests for nondegree student transcripts are through the UNH Registrar’s Office.  View Transcripts Requests for more information.

UNH cannot guarantee that earned credits will be valid towards all matriculated degree and certificate programs at UNH, will transfer to other universities, or will be accepted for credit from other universities.  Nondegree students should contact the institution in which they plan to transfer credits to confirm UNH course work will be accepted.

Students that were dismissed from their UNH degree program may take nondegree coursework after one regular UNH semester has elapsed. However, if the student intends to try to rejoin UNH as a degree student, they should consult their Associate Dean’s Office prior to enrolling.  Contact the UNH Registrar’s Office for more information: [email protected]