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University of New Hampshire

CRIM425 - Juvenile Justice

Course Description

This course will take an in-depth view of how the components of the criminal justice system address juvenile delinquency. How and why a juvenile is entered into the criminal justice system will be examined and alternatives to entry will be explored. These alternatives include diversionary programs and second-chance protocols. Social and economic disparities will be discussed regarding how those factors figure into the propensity of crimes being committed by juveniles. Additionally, youthful offender procedures that result in juveniles being charged, tried, and, in some cases, incarcerated in the adult system will be explored. Lastly, the course will explore the basic competencies of professionals who interact with juveniles in the criminal justice system and in the agencies that contribute to the rehabilitation and reintegration of juveniles after a finding of delinquency.

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Durham, NH


4.0 units

Course Sections

Spring 2024

Mar 25 to May 17
crn: 55917
Time: TBA
Professor(s): Matthew Geoffroy
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