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University of New Hampshire

HIS410 - U.S. History to 1865

Course Description

This course focuses on the origins and development of issues relevant to Americans today through the examination of the history of the United States from its earliest settlement through the Civil War. Students study themes and events ranging from Native American cultures and their contact with early European settlements, the triumph of British over French and Spanish settlers, the upheavals of the Revolution, the establishment of the United States, its expansion westward, and the development and growth of slavery which culminated in the Civil War. The focus of this class will be making connections between the past and the present day, recognizing historical themes, evaluating areas of conflict, and using evidence-based historical interpretation.

Tuition & Fees


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4.0 units

Course Sections

Spring 2024

Jan 23 to Mar 15
crn: 56061
Time: TBA
Professor(s): Christopher Benedetto
Live Seat Count: 22 available seats - (4 months ago)
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Fall 2024

Aug 26 to Oct 18
crn: 16072
Time: TBA
Professor(s): Not Listed
Live Seat Count: 57 available seats - (3 days ago)
Registration Opens 07/17/24