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University of New Hampshire

PHIL424 - Future of Humanity

Course Description

Consideration of the impacts of science and technology on humanity from a philosophical perspective. Topics often include genetic engineering, automated labor, advanced weaponry, artificial intelligence, social media and data extraction, space exploration, alien contact, virtual realities, transhumanism, and the future of humanity as an interplanetary species.

Tuition & Fees


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Durham, NH


4.0 units

Course Sections

Spring 2024

Jan 23 to May 6
crn: 55568
Format: In Person
Time: 23 Jan 2024 - 06 May 2024 Th 9:10 AM - 12:00 PM
Professor(s): Phillip Deen
Live Seat Count: 19 available seats - (27 days ago)
Already Started

Summer 2024

May 20 to Jun 21
crn: 70254
Campus: Durham
Time: TBA
Professor(s): Nicholas Smith
Live Seat Count: 9 available seats - (4 days ago)
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