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University of New Hampshire

DAT510 - Intro Data Analytics

Course Description

Data analytics is defined as a scientific process that produces actionable insights. Students will be introduced to the concepts of data analysis, what the role of a data analyst will do, and the tools that are used to perform daily functions. This course will cover data analytics and data governance where students will learn about the fundamentals of data gathering, data mining, and how the decision-making process can be affected. This course also addresses the skills that are required to effectively communicate data to co-workers, leadership, and stakeholders. Excel proficiency is expected prior to enrollment in this course. Students should consider completing CMPL 402 Excel if they have not completed an Excel course in transfer.

Tuition & Fees


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4.0 units

Course Sections

Spring 2024

Jan 23 to Mar 15
crn: 55601
Time: TBA
Professor(s): Anthony Sulpizio
Live Seat Count: 14 available seats - (2 months ago)
Already Started

Fall 2024

Aug 26 to Oct 18
crn: 14850
Time: TBA
Professor(s): Not Listed
Live Seat Count: 28 available seats - (3 days ago)
Registration Opens 07/17/24