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University of New Hampshire

MGMT805 - Organztnl Behavior

Course Description

This course reviews the fundamental concepts of organizational behavior in the context of an increasingly diverse and evolving society. The study of organizations encompasses several key knowledge areas essential to today's managers and leaders: Social diversity, perceptions and behaviors, culture, team and group dynamics, conflict and negotiation, decision-making, motivational factors, communication methods, change management, and organizational design and structure. Through various modes of engagement, these areas are analyzed to better understand and identify the influential components of organizational behavior as they relate to effectiveness and sustainability.

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3.0 units

Course Sections

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Spring 2024

Jan 23 to Mar 15
crn: 55956
Time: TBA
Professor(s): Joseph Mews
Live Seat Count: 13 available seats - (3 months ago)
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Summer 2024

May 28 to Jul 19
crn: 70688
Time: TBA
Professor(s): Joseph Mews
Live Seat Count: 28 available seats - (5 days ago)
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