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University of New Hampshire

EDUC801 - Hum Dev & Lrn: Cultural Persp

Course Description

Learning in formal and informal contexts and cultural aspects of learning and development with an emphasis on childhood and adolescence. Theories of learning including behaviorism, constructivism, sociocultural, and design perspectives. Topics include research and varied cultural perspectives on intelligence, motivation, identity and the self, concept learning and knowledge, noncognitive aspects of learning, social and emotional learning, deficit thinking and social justice perspectives, design-based perspectives on educational innovation, and assessment.

Tuition & Fees


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Online or In Person


4.0 units

Course Sections

Summer 2024

May 28 to Jul 19
crn: 70156
Campus: Durham
Time: TBA
Professor(s): Paula Salvio
Live Seat Count: 2 available seats - (about 21 hours ago)
Application Deadline Passed

Fall 2024

Aug 26 to Dec 9
crn: 10213
Format: In Person
Campus: Durham
Time: 26 Aug 2024 - 09 Dec 2024 W 4:10 PM - 6:30 PM
Professor(s): Andrew Coppens
Live Seat Count: 17 available seats - (about 21 hours ago)
Registration Opens 07/17/24